Commercial Locksmiths Swansea

Here at Auto & Domestic Locks, our commercial locksmiths Swansea take your security seriously.


Master Key Systems:


In today’s technological world of expensive digital everything, offices, factories, warehouses, shops, hotels, guest houses, schools, and many other commercial and industrial enterprises, are increasingly becoming targets of organised crime.


A break-in itself can cause a lot of inconveniences, but the loss of expensive, easily transportable digital equipment can mean loss of records, designs, customer databases, client orders, and more.


Installing a master key system minimises the number of keys needed by designated members of staff to enter all areas under their control. Fewer keys means better security. As a long established commercial locksmith in Swansea and surrounding area, we can install a quality master key system to your premises quickly and efficiently.


Lock System Upgrades:


Have you just taken over your premises from a previous tenant? As a leading commercial locksmith in Swansea, we are happy to visit your premises, survey your existing lock systems and suggest any additions/improvements which will make your premises more difficult to enter. Our company ethic has always been one of offering the latest, highest quality commercial security packages available to our customers. From master key systems, to coded locks, to swipe cards, we can supply and fit any system you require.


Damaged or Broken Locks:


Our services include all types of commercial, industrial, and retail properties. Retail shop fronts, unfortunately, are a regular target. In the event of break-in, keys jammed or broken in locks, vandalism, or lock-outs, we offer an emergency call-out service to all areas of industry and commerce; and will have you in – or out – of your premises in as short a time as possible.


Never Take Security for Granted:


In our years of being a leading commercial locksmith in the area, we are constantly amazed at the ingenuity of those who wish to enter other people’s premises illegally. If you believe your business’ locks and security system are adequate, take a few minutes out.


Walk around your office(s), warehouse, shop, or hotel, and estimate the value of all your easily carried digital equipment. Then estimate the additional cost of lost data, and have another think. We can supply and fit the latest, high security, commercial locking systems available on the market at the most cost-effective prices.


At Auto & Domestic Locks of Swansea, we don’t put a price on your property’s security, we can offer a range of security locks which we consider to be the best value on the market. Call our office today, to discuss how our commercial locksmiths Swansea can help improve the security of your business premises.

locksmith opening a commercial metal door